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10 Maid of Honor Duties That’ll Ease the Stress of Planning a Wedding

10 Maid of Honor Duties That'll Ease the Stress of Planning a Wedding

Congratulations on picking your best friend as the maid or matron of honor for your big day!

What this really means is that you see your best mate and confidante as someone you can trust to be by your side on your wedding day.

When planning a wedding, the main maid of honor duties before the wedding include:

  • Planning the bridal shower
  • Planning the bachelorette party
  • Leading the bridesmaids to jointly assist the bride
  • Helping the bride to prepare and plan
  • Giving the bride moral support when necessary

Note: A maid of honor has the same responsibilities as a matron of honor, but the key difference is that a maid of honor is not married while a matron is.

We’ve come up with this maid of honor checklist to help your best friend remember her to-dos, lower stress, and have fun.

Helping the Bride Have Fun and Not Worry about Her Numerous To-do Lists

There will be times when you’ll agonize over the dress, the cake, the guest list, etc. It’s vital to have someone you can trust and rely on for advice. However, it’s also important to have someone who can help you stay calm and not get totally overwhelmed by the whole wedding planning process.

Yes, there are many wedding deadlines and appointments looming, but when did you two last chew some fat or watch a movie? It’s good to take some time off and just have a good time with your girlfriend without talking about your wedding.

Being the Leader

Your maid of honor is the head of all bridesmaids, which means she leads the way during the whole wedding planning process–from shopping for dresses to planning the bridal shower.

She should listen to the concerns of all bridesmaids, so no one’s unhappy about any aspect of being a bridesmaid–such as wearing a dress they hate.

Helping the Bride Shop for Dresses

Some brides know what they really want in a wedding dress. Others start a months-long search for the best fit. Either way, your maid of honor should be by your side as you try on various dresses and, of course, accessories.

She should be kind but honest with you so you can find a gown that’ll make you feel and look your most beautiful.

Help with Planning the Bridal Shower

Although your mother or mother-in-law is traditionally in charge of hosting a bridal shower, the duties of your maid of honor here include helping you with whatever you need.

She’ll be your right-hand woman for the games, decor, and invitations. And since she’s super close to you, she’ll know what you’ll love.

Organizing the Bachelorette Party

Your maid of honor will be in charge of organizing the bachelorette party. She should remember that this is your party–not hers. That said, she should choose a location that really suits your personality.

If you want to let the last rage loose, get out of town. If you want a low-key affair, choose a spa weekend. Whatever the case may be, she should make sure all the bridesmaids are on board.

You don’t want your bridesmaids overextending themselves to pay for the party. The bridesmaids should pay for your trip but lavish expenses are still your responsibility.

Have Emergency Supplies on Hand

Someone spilled champagne on your chiffon dress just before the photos? Don’t worry! Your maid of honor has a blow dryer in her bag.

Blisters making your bridesmaids hobble before they’ve even walked down the aisle? Your girl has got the Band-Aids.

Her emergency kit has items like safety pins, floss, tissues, and other essentials for your big day. The kit is out of sight but within reach.

Ensuring the Bride Eats and Drinks Something Other Than Alcohol

Your stomach might be unsettled, but you certainly need to hydrate, eat, and avoid overindulging in alcohol on your big day.

In between champagne sips, your maid of honor ensures you’re snacking on protein-rich foods and taking an adequate amount of water. She should have your favorite treat at hand too. Nothing beats a delicious treat to beat an 11th hour attack of cold feet.

Make a Great Speech

Even if she’s not that good at public speaking, your maid of honor should try it for your sake. Giving a great speech at your wedding is one of the most important duties for her.

Whether she’s sweet, funny, or sentimental, she should just be herself and consider you and your amazing life partner.

Being the Bride’s Right-Hand Woman When Planning a Wedding

From DIY projects such as stuffing guests’ welcome bags to crafting wedding favours, you certainly have lots of reasons to call on your maid of honor when you need a helping hand.

This also includes providing emotional support, for example, helping you stay calm when it’s almost getting a bit too much. As such, she should always keep some wine on hand.

Lend a Helping Hand as the Party Draws to a Close

As the party comes to an end and you’re not that ready to head home, your maid of honor should close out the ceremony. She’ll make sure all your gifts are at home with you, everyone has taken their belongings home, and that everything is in order.

While she’s not the only one responsible for this, it’ll be great for your in-laws and parents to get an extra helping hand should the need arise.

Wrapping Up

It’s a real honor for your best mate to be your maid of honor. And while the role may come with lots of responsibilities, it can be extraordinarily rewarding and fun for your best friend while planning a wedding.

Of course, it isn’t a full-time position, so it’s vital for your maid of honor to know her exact duties and share them with the bridesmaids. If she’s wondering how to help or who to turn to next, she should call and consult you. You’re both there for each other, after all.

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