10 Top Trends for Bridal Party Outfits in 2023

The bridesmaid trends for 2023 are about embracing who you are, and who your attendants are.

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Every year, the desire for matching-matchy-frills-and-bows gets left further behind as couples make their wedding about them. In 2023, there are ten trends that we’re seeing pop up in more weddings, and on the bridal runways.

1. Texture

Satins, silks, mesh, tulle, sequin, layers of sheers, crystals… and it’s not just that dresses have texture, it’s that there’s a mix of textures. Especially if the dresses are neutral-toned, having texture can bring in an element of interest. Whether it’s a glamorous sequinned affair or ethereal sheers that float and swish, texture adds that extra ‘je ne sais quoi’.

2. The Wrap Dress

Universally flattering, easy to make full length, knee length, or even as a top over cigarette pants or as a jumpsuit, the wrap style dress is an absolute winner. These may need some extra tailoring to ensure the bustline or hemline stays in place, depending on the fabric and style. Otherwise, beware of any errant wind gusts that may cause bonus excitement on the day.

3. Pants and Pockets

We are all about wearability, comfort, and being true to yourself. So embrace the pants, make sure dresses and skirts have pockets, and have people truly feel comfortable on your day. Bridesmaids don’t have to wear dresses; there’s a whole world of options out there.

4. Asymmetrical Necklines and High Necks

One shouldered, strapless with bustline detailing, and cutouts are all making bridesmaid dresses asymmetrical.

High necks are making a resurgence, with halternecks coming back into the fashion fold.

5. Mixing it Up

There is no rule saying that bridal attendants have to wear a dress. And, not everyone feels comfortable in girly frocks.

  • Think about separates, skirts and tops or pants and tops.
  • Accessories like cute capes, wraps and shawls
  • How avant-garde do you want to go? Imagine a sleek jumpsuit, with a tulle, removable overskirt
  • A suit. For everyone. Hallensteins have cheap suits in different colours you can tailor to fit (think Cassie Roma)


6. 2023 Bridesmaid Colours

While colours can date your wedding (and fashion can change its mind very quickly), there seems to be more longevity with 2023 bridesmaid colours.

  • Champagne – Gives neutrals a more luxe feel
  • Pastel metallics – As above, adding textures to pastels gives them interest
  • All white – no need to worry about people mistaking them for the bride because there is NO MISTAKING the bride
  • Sage green – It’s the green that’s been popular for a few years and it’s not going away yet
  • Blue, blue, and more blue – Because everyone looks good in blue

7. Black

One of the biggest dilemmas when choosing a bridesmaid outfit is; will they wear it again? One sure-fire, elegant choice that 100% guarantees the dress will be worn again, is black. You simply cannot have too many black dresses. They are timeless, endlessly adaptable with different accessories, and available in every single design imaginable.


8. Ethical

Bridesmaid dresses can be super unethical. It’s a dress that’s likely only going to be worn once. Then there’s the creation of gowns using slave labour (Hello, Shein).

If you want your wedding to be eco-positive and ethical, bridesmaid dress shopping becomes trickier. There are a few tips for keeping your wedding more sustainable.

  • Make sure you buy a dress or outfit that will be worn again
  • Use fabrics that are more eco-friendly, such as linen, cotton, deadstock fabrics, or recycled
  • Allow your attendants to re-use a dress or outfit they already own
  • Rent a dress or outfit
  • Second hand dresses are often sold in sets on wedding sales pages
  • Thrift/ charity stores (this is great if you don’t want matchy-matchy and you have the time and patience to find the diamonds in a haystack)

9. The Slip Dress

The 90’s called, they’ve got your bridesmaid dress for you. That simple, bias cut, spaghetti strap satin dress has returned and it’s looking basically the same. Remember that these dresses can be clingy, unforgiving of every wrinkle, stitch, and curve, and difficult to find invisible underwear for… but done well, they can look amazing.

<H2>10. Sleeves

So many women are self-conscious of their upper arms. This can make choosing attendant outfits tricky. In 2023, sleeves are back- throw away those spaghetti straps and strapless gowns and bring the arms back! Whether it’s a flattering cape, gauzy sleeves, or a half-sleeve dress, they are comfortable and sassy.

Fashion comes, and fashion goes. But, if you’re looking for fresh, modern ideas, then these are what’s looking hot for 2023.



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