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5 Signs You’ve Become the Raging Bridezilla You’ve Seen on Television


A relationship is hard work and many weddings have shown that even planning a wedding could fracture a marriage before it begins. If you’re about to become the bridezilla that you have always feared, you could end up sabotaging your wedding during the planning process. If you’re not sure you’ve become that person, you need to assess the situation.

Here are 5 ways to tell whether or not you’ve become the raging bridezilla you always swore you’d never be.

1. Your Partner Has Stopped Talking About The Wedding

When you’re working on planning a wedding, the whole point of the work is to put together a beautiful celebration of your love. When you plan a wedding together with the one you love, you can ensure that every decision you make is truly collaborative.

If you find that more and more your partner is losing interest, you could have turned them off to the whole wedding. If you notice they’ve deprioritized or lost interest in helping with planning, you might have turned them off.

Before you go beating yourself up, make sure they’re not just being a deadbeat. If you’ve asked them to take care of a few things nicely and they haven’t done them, they might just be blowing you off. However, if they’ve done their best and you’ve done nothing but criticize them, you could be becoming a bridezilla.

Be sure that you’re giving your partner plenty of opportunities to contribute to the wedding planning. Listen when they have feedback and include them whenever you have any kind of meeting to look at a space, taste cakes, or talk to a DJ.

You can recover from Bridezilla complex with an open and apologetic approach.

2. You’re Seeing Stress Where You Should Be Seeing Romance

If this wedding now looks to you like nothing but stress, you might have lost sight of what it’s supposed to be about. Your wedding is supposed to be an opportunity for you and your partner to project your romance for years into the future. It’s supposed to be a day for you to celebrate love.

When you’re struggling to book venues, herd bridesmaids, and make sure everything arrives on time, you might build a nest of stress.

Keep sight on the point of your wedding. The day of your wedding is meant to be a place and time for you and everyone you know to celebrate love. When you’re running around stressed out, you’re going to miss out on the point of the day.

If you need to, take a day off of planning. Pass the responsibilities over to your spouse if they haven’t been working on it as hard as you have. If you’re stressing over the invitations or which cake you should pick, have a friend help you out and attend the cake testing with you.

Where you’re seeing stress, you need to start seeing romance. Otherwise, you’ll have a dark cloud following your entire wedding day and you don’t want that.

3. Your Friends Are Sick of the Wedding Already

When you talk about your wedding, do people around you get excited or try to change the subject?

If you can’t get your friends to talk about your wedding for more than 30 seconds without rolling their eyes, you might have given them burnout. Your wedding needs to be a fun and entertaining day for everyone involved. When you focus too much on the details, your friends could start to feel stressed out.

If you’re not making the effort to give your friends space from thinking about the wedding, you’re not doing them any favors. They could be tired of talking about and thinking about your wedding.

Your wedding day doesn’t have much of a point if you’re not getting support from your closest network of friends. Your wedding needs to be as much about your love as it is about the people who make you whole. Be sure your friends and family feel they have their voice heard, especially if they’re going to be the ones to carry you through these days and into the next ones.

4. You Almost Started a Fight About Napkins

If you almost started a fight about something as inane and unimportant as napkins, you’re in a space where you need to take a break. Fighting can be left to real issues like political or religious beliefs. Fighting should never occur when it’s about trivial or unimportant things like what color the tablecloths should be.

Before you end up putting the wedding on hold for an argument over what color the candles would be, you need to take a break. Most wedding-related arguments occur because of burnout. If you fear you’re on the edge of burnout and want to save your wedding, take as long as you need to get back on your feet.

5. Nothing Seems Good Enough

For a bridezilla, nothing is good enough. They have no chill and they’ll complain to the manager if need be.

If nothing seems good enough, if none of the napkins look right, and if the bridesmaid dresses you want aren’t available, look for an alternative. There is going to be an answer to any wedding related solution you have.

If the location you wanted isn’t available, just call someone else. If you’re not getting everything you want, don’t fret. There’s bound to be a viable solution if you just open your mind up to it.

You don’t need 1000 white doves on your wedding day when 100 balloons would do.

Becoming Bridezilla isn’t a Permanent Condition

Just because you acted like a bridezilla for a few days or a week doesn’t mean that all is lost. The people around you can understand how stressful it is to balance work, life, and wedding planning.

If you’re aware of your attitude, you can always stop yourself from becoming a monster.

To minimize stress, check out our guide to putting together a checklist to get you through the big day.