7 Bridesmaid Dress Trends for 2020 That You’ll Love

Bridal squad with bouquet

Every year, bridesmaid dress styles change. They are becoming infinitely more wearable. Traditional rules are being broken and allowing people to express their styles freely.

You can make your day your way—whether it’s a traditional affair with breezy pastels, or a bold modern style. 2020’s bridal wear collections are packed with bridesmaid dress trends that will allow you to incorporate modern trends even if you want a classic wedding.

Separates to mix and match

Want the fairy tulle skirt but like a different coloured sequin top? No problems. Using separates offers maximum flexibility for your bridesmaids and the possibility that they may actually be able to wear their outfit again. Whether it’s a delicate lace top paired with a flowing chiffon skirt, or maybe even palazzo pants with a cute singlet, your ladies-in-waiting will look amazing.

Runway show of Fleur skirt in dove


If you and your bridal party want a modern, easy-to-wear look, then jumpsuits tick all the boxes. Whether you want a floaty boho-inspired jumpsuit or a structured formal look, you’ll find a design to suit your style. Carolina Herrera has some beautiful examples in her 2020 collection, from lace to sleekly inspired designs. However, it may be difficult to find ready-mades that fit people who are tall or have long torsos.

Ultra simple and chic

Following Meghan Markle’s wedding, the pared-down almost startlingly simple dresses are in force on the runway in the 2020 bridal collections. Plain fabrics are used with structural details that look deceptively simple. Flattering and easy to wear, Zac Posen’s 2020 collection for brides gives a hint of what’s to come for bridesmaids

Leg slits

Last seen in the 1990’s, leg slits are back, and they’ve grown up. While you may not want a hip-high slit, a mid-thigh slit allows freedom of movement, a sexy flash of leg, and gives the impression of length, especially when paired with a pair of heels. Jenny Packham and Reem Acra’s collections both have a number of dresses with sexy, versatile slits.

Run way with Cleome two piece midnight colour

Feminine and sweet

Butterflies and flowers turn a plain dress into a sweetly romantic showstopper. While NZ isn’t known for embracing colour, a charming bridesmaid dress with delicate details amps up the romance of your big day.

Whether it’s a delicate print or a large bold splash of floral, enchanting patterns are out in force in 2020, with Monique Lhuillier and Ines di Santo leading the way.


Women need pockets. Whether it’s for tissues to wipe away a happy tear, lippy for touch-ups on the run or your cellphone for selfies, designers have heard the roar of discontent. Bridesmaid dresses now can have pockets, and this is very, very good.

Pockets won’t look good under slinky satin figure-skimming dresses, as the fabric shows the shape of anything underneath. Choose a natural silk, chiffon layers or flared skirt for maximum pocket love.

Mix and match styles

This isn’t a new trend, but as a bride, you’ve chosen your bridesmaids because you love them and their quirky ways. Why do you want to put them all in the same dress when they are such different people? Keep the same fabric or colour and allow them to design the dress that suits them and that they feel comfortable in. Or, you could choose themed colours- whether a range of blues, complementary earthy tones or a burst of primary colours, tie your team together with a cunning colour strategy.

Bridal squad with bouquet

Photo by Katelyn MacMillan on Unsplash

This is where infinity dresses come in. They are available in a range of colours, so your bridesmaids can each have a different colour. Then, they can choose a different style each to suit and flatter their body types. The same, but different.

Wedding colours of 2020

Pantone has shortlisted their wedding colours of 2020, and if you want to be on-trend, these are predicted to be big.

Neo mint is a fresh, light green that evokes the 1960’s. A summer or spring colour, this evokes new beginnings.

Purist blue is a sea blue with cloudy undertones and a cool chicness. A spring wedding colour, this could be elegant or bohemian depending on how you use it.

Cassis is not for the faint of heart. A rich purpley pink, it’s not as bright as fuchsia but is seriously luxe and rich. Perfect for a winter wedding, ideally paired with a deep matte lip colour.

Cantaloupe is a soft, sweet peach with a creamy feel. A charming light summer wedding colour, it’s easy to match with the array of gorgeous summer flowers in season.

Mellow yellow is a sweet creamy yellow that looks fresh and light. Paired with the rich hues of autumn or as a bright accent for a summer wedding, this adds gentle warmth and a sense of joy.

The rules of bridesmaid dress styles are gone

There are no hard-and-fast rules any more. These 2020 bridesmaid dress trends show that matching isn’t as important as it once was. As well as that, you can choose styles to suit your wedding, whether it’s flowy boho or a sharply formal modern affair.

Some of these trends can be incorporated in your day, whether it’s adding that slit to your traditional long gowns or stashing pockets in your silk dresses (and your bridesmaids will love you for it).

You can choose what makes you and your bridesmaids happy, and do it with style. And pockets.

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