Bridesmaid Gift Boxes

Because They Matter

Each of our gift boxes has been specially assembled to bring out the smile from your bestie or bridal party.  Whether it’s to celebrate a special moment, asking your girls to be in the tribe or showing your appreciation, we got a box for every occasion.

All items in our gift boxes have been personally selected for their quality and each play a part in enhancing the overall theme of the gift box.

How to create special moments with bridesmaid gift boxes

Bridesmaid gift boxes are a pretty standard part of treating your girls.

But we think that you can make them so much more special!

Bridesmaid boxes are not just about saying thank you. It’s about telling them how much they mean to you. You get to create little moments that say “I am so excited that it is you next to me at the altar”.

Our absolute favourite part about running Baby’s Breath Bridesmaids? Helping brides create memories with their bride tribe. Trying on bridesmaid dresses at home, taking selfies, and finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses are all part of why we started Baby’s Breath.

So we sat down and came up with 5 ways you can create some unforgettable little moments with bridesmaid gift boxes.

#1 Write personalized notes

Always, ALWAYS include a personalized note!

Even though we absolutely LOVE pretty bridesmaid gift boxes, they still don’t compare to telling your bridesmaids why they are so important to you.

Weddings are like Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect opportunity to say all the things you are thinking but never get round to saying out loud.

Of course, you should treat your girls. But don’t forget to show your appreciation using real words.

#2 Create your tribe vibe

Make your bridesmaids feel like they are part of something unique!

You are all coming together to pull off this wedding. This means you will all get a lot closer over the next few months of planning. You can use bridesmaid boxes to set the tone for the whole experience.

So what do you put in the bridesmaid gift box? In the letter, you can start to include hashtags for the wedding that you want people to use. Get everyone matching bracelets, robes or even temporary tattoo.  Give your group a name in the cards you are writing. Pack them an emergency kit for stressful planning stages (refreshing rose tea to relax, body scrub to feel fresh or an eye mask to get a restful sleep).

Check out this post from Elite Daily for some wedding hashtag inspiration!

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#3 Make each box different in some way

Obviously one of the best parts of having a group of bridesmaid is that you all get to be there together. You’re all there for the same reason.

However, we think it is important to remind each bridesmaid why they are special to you!

Alongside all of the flute glasses, face masks, and luxury body care product, give each of them a unique bridesmaid gift. Take some time to think about your relationship with each of them, and then include something that represents your friendship.

Did you meet in high school? Include a dorky photo of the two of you. Did you go travelling together? Find local sweets from the country you went to.

#4 Make it an experience in itself

Bridesmaid gift boxes are made to be discovered. You unwrap them slowly and enjoy every single moment.

This means that the presentation is everything! Tie a ribbon for them to unwrap. Slip a personalized letter on top. Use material in the box for them to unfold. Create a theme for the box.

You can steal a little inspiration from our bespoke bridesmaid gift boxes here (we won’t tell!).

#5 Include a touch of luxury

Everybody loves a little taste of luxury. How many excuses do we get to be super fancy?

Just imagine. All of you trying on bridesmaid dresses at home, eating things you know you shouldn’t, and giving them their box of treats.

We think that bridesmaid boxes are the perfect way to make your girls feel luxurious for the day. Think nice fragrance candle, silk eye mask, luxurious hand cream and nourishing body scrub.

If you are going to get gifts make sure you get them gifts they will actually keep!

We have just launched our range of affordable bridesmaid gift boxes! Whether you’re a bride or bridesmaid, we want to help you create unforgettable moments with your girls. Check out our range here.