Bridesmaid Dress Trends in 2022: What’s Hot?

The last two years have been an uncertain time in the wedding industry. 2022 is looking positive, and bridal trends reflect that.

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10. High-Low

These flattering dresses have been in style for a few years now, and they are sticking around. Another hot trend this year is lush fabrics, so try a beautiful satin wrap dress, make sure you use our wrap-dress hacks, and you’re onto a winner. The high-low style is quite flattering for a range of body types too, making it an easy yes to the dress.


9. Something Old

Vintage is always in style. But as brides increasingly want environmentally friendly weddings, every aspect of the day is being reassessed. In NZ especially, we value our natural landscape, and want to keep our world green. You’ve seen the old bridesmaid dresses hanging in second hand shops; can you turn them into something beautiful?

8. Ruffles and Rouching

Ultra-feminine ruffles are in. While we don’t want your bridesmaids drowning in flounce, there’s some definite 70’s influences, with sheer flowing gowns with soft ruffles.

7. High Necklines

When Meghan Markle got married, the world marvelled at the simplicity of her gowns. But, the second dress, with its high neckline, set off a chain reaction in bridal fashion. 2022, we expect high necklines to really make a splash, with halter neck dresses on trend.

6. The Not-A-Dress

Separates and jumpsuits are big this year, for ultimate in comfort and versatility. Imagine a lace top with a velvet skirt, or a beautiful bold summer print on a jumpsuit. Not your traditional outfit… but what’s tradition, but peer pressure from the dead? Separates also have the bonus that they might actually get worn again.

There’s something so powerful and glam about a suit—why should men be the only ones to wear them? In these days where gender norms are less… normal, a bridal party could look incredible in suits. Pair the suit with a slinky or lacy top for the bridal look. Also—ditch the bouquet, what about a boutonniere?

5. Warm Colours

Apricot, rose gold, amber, ginger, and rust are all colours that are becoming more popular. While they lend themselves to autumn and summer weddings, there’s no real rules, just lovely warm colours.

Pair with navy blue or black for a wedding palette with style, and add gold for that luxe look. Or, sage green with warm hued oranges is that boho-aesthetic that is a continuing trend.

4. Luxe Fabrics

After periods of austerity, there’s lavishness to follow. In the wake of COVID, the Zoom or micro-wedding, it’s time to go luxe. Velvet, charmeuse, satin, sheers, and lace are all on-trend. To avoid creating a look that doesn’t age well (like those glorious 1980’s puff sleeves), keep the dress lines simple, and go easy on the wild patterns. The slip dress, à la the 1990’s, is back, but just in lush fabrics.

Particularly in velvet fabrics, jewel tones are wildly popular; those deep, rich colours suit the depth and texture of velvet.

3. Neutrals

Ivory, nude, blush, and champagne are tones that we’ll be seeing a lot of in 2022. They make a bold statement, creating a very modern look. Other neutrals include black and white and grey… it’s no longer a faux pas for your bridesmaids to wear white (as long as it’s the bride’s choice), and black is a timeless classic.

2. Prints

If your wedding has summery vibes, a colourful watercolour print will fit in, while a beach wedding can be a tropical-inspired bold print. For spring, imagine a delicate fresh green print. While it takes a bit of bravery to opt for a printed fabric, it can really bring the drama.

1. Mix: Don’t Match

The biggest trend in 2022 for bridesmaids, has been building for a while now. The days of matchy-matchy-all-the-same are over, and mixing it up a bit has well and truly arrived. Your bridesmaids are all different, so letting them express themselves just seems right. Set boundaries, whether it’s the same dress in different colours, different hues of the same colour, the same fabric but different designs… the possibilities are endless. While you want a cohesive look, you still want your attendants to be themselves.

Letting your bridesmaids dress to suit their shape and colouring is the new black.

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