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Five Bridesmaid Thank You Gifts They Will Actually Keep

Your bridesmaids already know that you absolutely adore them. Now that the big day is over, you get to show them one more time! A thoughtful bridesmaid thank you gift is an awesome way to show you appreciate all the time, money, Facebook messages and tears they put in to get you up the aisle.

Choosing the perfect bridesmaid gift for everyone is kinda hard, but we have a few ideas for favours that they might actually keep.

Print photos of the day with a personalized card

Polaroid pictures on white bed with girl’s legs in jeans

Just because somebody says you should get your bridesmaids a thank you gift, doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money! Find your favourite photos from the big day, and get them printed on quality photo paper. This is the perfect combination of personal and “small enough to keep”.

Don’t forget to include a handwritten note to remind them why you love them. Putting glitter in the envelope is optional (but ABSOLUTELY encouraged).

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Get your bouquets dried and stored

Dried red roses from wedding bouquet

You probably spent all day swooning over your floral arrangements. Let your girls relive that “oooh” moment with a bouquet momento!

Drying flowers from your bouquet and putting them in a frame is a beautiful and inexpensive way to thank your bridesmaids for standing next to you. This works even if you don’t keep the whole thing- just a few in a frame.

Design them a personalized gift

Personalized bridesmaid gift mug being held up by girl

Everyone knows someone who can never find their name in the gift shop.

Who doesn’t love having their name on something? You yourself might even be one of those people that can never find their name in the gift shop!  The trick is to get them something that they will actually use.

Chances are they already have a key ring, and it can be super difficult to choose jewelry that suits every girl. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

  • A mug with their name, quote or inside joke printed on it. Mugs are much more versatile and used a lot more often than something like a wine or shot glass (I mean, most the time I guess they are!). You can get printed mugs from somewhere like Vista Print online– the design is completely up to you!
  • Stationery with their name on it. This would be especially beautiful if you chose a design with your wedding’s colour scheme. Websites like Padtastic let you design your own journals, notepads, meal planners, shopping lists and pretty much anything else you can think of.
  • Literally anything. Websites like Etsy have endless gift ideas for your bridesmaids. You can find anything from decal water bottles to personalized Nutella labels!

Let them keep their robe

Girl in bridesmaid robe looking out the window in black and white

This is still one of my favourite bridesmaid gift ideas! I love it because it is versatile, useful, and can be used again and again. Avoid buying “Bridesmaid” robes which you will either re-sell or never wear again. Instead, choose something cute and floaty, or soft and snuggly.

To make this thank you gift work, make sure you pick beautiful matching robes, and wrap them up for each girl with a personal note. This way they all have something to wear on the day, as well as something to take away with them at the end.

Create wine bottles with a twist

Close up of two corks in wine bottles at a weddingWant to get them something that won’t take up any space? Maybe personalized wine labels are the way to go for you. Food and alcohol are the ultimate gifts; it still shows you have thought about them, without getting them something that will just take up collect dust.

Websites like Bottle Your Brand do super cute labels which you can add to any wine bottle. Like the personalised mugs, it is easy to get creative with their names and any inside jokes that you shared throughout the day!

Your bride tribe helped you survive one of the biggest days of your life. Even a simple bridesmaid thank you gift will mean the world!

What other bridesmaids gift ideas have you seen that they would love? Let us know in the comments!

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