About Devonché

Devonché is a custom clothing company that uses 3D scanning to create suits, shirts and shoes for the groom and groomsmen. They have been a part of over 450 individual weddings with over 2000 suits customised through us. You will begin by meeting with their wedding stylist through a professional free consult, where Devonché can learn what you need for your wedding day and personalise each package for you.

Masterclass Materials and Craftsmen

No matter your theme or style, Devonché have over 3000 Italian fabrics with multiple design variations to suit just about any budget, season or design requirement. Our range begins from $550 to $3000. Each suit is custom-made to each person’s measurements and their choice of fabrics, linings, fit and more.

A Perfect Match

Baby’s Breath and Devonché have come together to leverage off each other’s expertise. Our aim is to make your journey in finding perfect dresses and tailored suits for your wedding party an enjoyable one and most importantly hassle free.

Get in touch for a free consult with Devonché through our affiliate programme with them to access exclusive packages and offers.

About Baby’s Breath Bridesmaids

Baby’s Breath is an Auckland based online boutique specialising in bridesmaid dresses. We offer over 80 colour selections for our made-to-order styles along with dress sizes ranging from 6 to 30 (plus sizes). The collections offered are of high quality and designed with versatility in mind. Dresses are flexible enough to be worn again to a party, special occasion, or to another wedding! The right fabric is chosen to make the dresses so that they are comfortable to wear which helps your bridesmaids relax, let loose and enjoy the rest of the celebration without being constrain by their dress. Most importantly, dresses are quality checked before they are sent out to you.