When will my order be ready?

Our normal order dispatch duration is typically 8 to 12 weeks. The normal order will be processed through our routine production cycles which then determine the estimated dispatch date. If any order is made after the 20th of the month, it will be processed in the next month’s production cycle. For example, based on a 12-week dispatch time, if an order is made on 18th January, then the estimated dispatch date is 20th April.  If it was made on 22nd January, the estimated dispatch date is 20th May. As guidance, the table below shows the estimated dispatch date based on when the order was placed.

Express order is estimated to be dispatched typically within 4 to 6 weeks from your order placement. The dresses will be fast-tracked and made outside of our routine production cycle. Therefore, the normal order dispatch schedule below does not apply. Express orders are only available from March to December.

Once your order is couriered you will receive an email confirmation with tracking. We suggest ordering as soon as you know your size, colour, and style. However, we recommend ordering 4 to 5 months before the wedding date to give you several weeks of float/buffer time for alterations or any fit concerns that arise.

Order ByEstimated To Be Dispatch By
20th January20th April
20th February20th May
20th March20th June
20th April20th July
20th May20th August
20th June20th September
20th July20th October
20th August20th November
20th September20th December
20th October20th January (next year)
20th November20th February (next year)
20th December20th March (next year)