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Irresistible Wedding Décor Ideas and Inspiration

Details matter. On your wedding day, the décor will help set the mood, accentuate your style, and create a unique atmosphere.

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There are two main factors when deciding on your wedding décor: the style of the venue and the overall theme of the wedding. Have you planned the ultimate dreamy romantic wedding, all deep reds and floaty whites with sparkling elements? Or, are you wanting a modern, industrial chic, modern vibe? Or are you a free-spirited, boho-style person, all about lashings of fresh flowers and the look of raw timber?

DIY or Styling Company?

There are people who love DIY, who enjoy the time spent sourcing Mason jars, finding treasures to use as centrepieces, and printing and cutting 100 nametags for the seating plan. And there are those who don’t. Either way, it’s your choice and there’s nothing wrong with either way.

If you’re about DIY, TradeMe and NZ second-hand buy and sell wedding groups on Facebook will be your saviour. You can also source things online but remember that items from overseas may not always match the product description or be of a good quality.

Depending on your venue, you might need to hire tables, chairs, plates, and cutlery. Using a styling/ hire company will make life a lot easier, as they can co-ordinate and manage the whole process. Do you want to be running around trying to find the lost forks at 10am on your wedding day?

How to Choose Your Wedding Décor?

  • Firstly, stick to your personal sense of style. Your wedding is about what makes you happy.
  • You probably already have a colour palette sorted. You can choose anything from two colours to a whole range of shades. Keeping it consistent across the entire day and all the different elements helps you create a cohesive look.
  • Think of three words that you want people to describe your wedding as. Lush, romantic, fun, quirky, modern, sleek, or dreamy? This will help you describe to others what your vision is, and also help reign you in when the wedding starts to resemble a circus. There are so many amazing ideas out there, and you probably can’t incorporate them all.
  • What does your venue let you use? Whatever they don’t have, choose a reliable rental company and look at what they have available.
  • Your rental company have done this before. A lot. They’ll be able to help with practical advice (such as lighting) and they might have some creative ideas too.
  • There may be venue restrictions to be aware of, especially for historic premises. Some may not allow outside vendors or DIY decorations at all, or have limitations around use of candles or other fire sources.

NZ Décor Style Ideas

Dreamy and romantic

Celebrate your epic love story with a romantic wedding theme. Colours can be deep reds, pink, rose gold, and white. Festoon your tables with roses, and have a star-lit venue that sparkles with fairy lights and candles.

Modern and chic

If your venue has exposed beams or steel and you live for the colour black, this is the theme for you. You can go over the top or pare details back to the minimum. There are modern light and candle fittings using etched Perspex or glass, you could make table decorations with Monstera leaves, or incorporate neon lights. The wedding world is your oyster, there are no rules.


Flowers everywhere, glass beads, pearls, soft fabrics and lace draped luxuriously, natural timber accents, gold, soft hued pinks and blues and greens, and macrame everything. Those Mason jars can be filled with candles, stones, toi toi, herbs, or ribbons. The scent of sage or rosemary will perfume the venue.


Adore autumn? Russet oranges, warm toned browns and deep yellows are easily incorporated with autumnal leaves, rustic timber, and touches of gold. Think Scandinavian ‘hygge’ style, with warm coloured rugs, tasteful lighting, warm rust colours, and luxe dried floral accents.

Wild for winter? White with touches of burgundy, bare tree branches left au naturel or painted white or gold, a fire burning in the hearth, pinecones, and blankets for people to snuggle into while they drink their mulled wine. Flowers in winter can be scarce, so succulents, foliage, and white roses make for a stunning point of difference.

Does summer make you swoon? Bright colours, beaches, wicker, lawn games, nautical elements, and cold beers or iced lemonade. An ice-cream cart keeps everyone happy while you party into the night. With a huge array of flowers in season, there’s no limit to floral décor options.

Sweet for spring? Dusky pastels or fresh florals, lush greenery, and a twist of lemon. Spring blooms like peonies, calla lillies, roses, hydrangeas, sweet pea and ranunculus set the stage for a delightful day.


Gummies along the aisle, guests sitting on hay bales, burlap sacking, earthy greens, browns, and gold, and ferns and moss. This is also a great theme to include antique-feel furnishings or items like hurricane lamps. Blackboards and hand-painted signs look great, along with any old farming equipment you find in the barn.

<H2>Wedding Décor Trends to Look Out For in 2022

  • Paper flowers
  • Neon signs
  • Flower clouds of baby’s breath
  • Eco-friendly weddings (using a rental company is great as they re-use items and no extra shipping from overseas)
  • Coral, sage, rust, and dusky rose colours, also dark, moody colours
  • Potted plants
  • Floral moon gates and other floral arches
  • String lights
  • Acrylic signs, chairs, floral stands, cake toppers

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