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11 random things you’ll probably forget to pack for your wedding

Woman writing last minute wedding checklist on white tablecloth

Last minute wedding checklist for brides

Everything is ready for the big day. You’re ready to go through your last minute wedding checklist and get hitched.

You’ve bought the perfect dress: check.

The celebrant and caterer have confirmed they are coming: check.

You have not yet turned into a raging bridezilla and are still on speaking terms with your mother-in-law: CHECK.

But there was that thing you were supposed to remember on the day. What was it? The little thing that you swore you wouldn’t forget.

Aaaand now it’s gone.

The stress of a big day can understandably make you forget little details. We are here to make sure that these 11 things are on your last minute wedding checklist.

1. Keep that water flowing

Yes. You know. Every bride forgets to eat on her wedding day. Everyone has already told you.

But have they reminded you to hydrate? Because a water bottle should be top of your wedding checklist.

You are signing up for a day of laughing, crying, eating, standing, dancing, sweating and drinking champagne. Your wedding day basically steals any water retention you thought your body was capable of.

If you have someone on food duty, make sure they are on drink bottle duty as well.  

2. Fight white with white

Of course, you are going to be extra careful with your wedding dress.

But that doesn’t mean the universe doesn’t like to taunt people who are already stressed out of their minds.

Packing white chalk means that you can do tiny touch ups on your dress at the last second. Although you should maybe eat BEFORE you get dressed. Just in case.

3. Don’t run out of juice

So, there was this couple who were doing their first dance choreography. And they had NAILED it in the practice runs. They got ready to go… and then the DJ played a cover song of the track had practiced!

Lucky for them, someone had a charged phone with the original on a playlist, and everything was fine.

You will ignore your phone for most of the day but remember your phone charger! People will be sending a ton of messages which will drain your phone and make it harder to put out fires if you need to.

This is obviously a given if you are using a Spotify playlist instead of band or DJ. If you don’t want people to play the macarena ten million times, bring your phone charger to play your own playlists.

4.Keep it minty fresh

Your husband is waiting for that kiss. You will probably kiss like 100 people on the cheek. Hugs will be shared, laughs will be had, food will be eaten.

Do not.


To pack mints or chewing gum.

In an ideal world you would set aside time to breathe and brush your teeth, but mints will be just enough to reset and feel confident.

5. Prioritize paper over phones

Everybody always has a cell phone on them. However, there is something a little “off” about reading speeches from the memo section of your phone. Take the time to print your speech off and have it ready to go the day before.

It is also a good idea to print vows in a big, readable font. If you are lucky you will have an awesome celebrant who will do this for you, but make sure you are both on the same page (pun absolutely intended).

6. Don’t forget to tip

If you have a lot of vendors, bringing cash can be a really great thing to have on hand. This way, if someone really goes above and beyond, you are ready to tip your life away. Florists, decorators, caterers and waiters all work extremely hard to make your day wonderful. Don’t let it go unnoticed!

Weddings are a whirlwind of love and good times. Tipping vendors is just one little way that you can show appreciation and up your “warm fuzzy” factor.

7. Get everything in one place

Now that you have remembered all these little things you need to pack, remember to get a day bag to pack it all into!

You might not need anything on the day, but it is important to have it all in an easy-to-carry bag that is ready to go. Designate someone that will know where this is at all times (mums are pretty good for this). Put your makeup, emergency kit, your printed speech, wallet, phone and any other essentials all in one place. We are all about efficiency here!

8. Find a way to freshen up 

There are very few situations where we tolerate being sweaty and disgusting all day.

Your wedding should not be one of them!

Your wedding checklist should include things that will help you feel clean and sparkly. This includes:

·        Baby wipes

·        Clean underwear

·        Deodorant

·        Mini perfume bottles

·        Breath mints

·        A touch-up kit for your makeup (especially powder for oily spots)

Get that just-got-ready feeling all day by preparing for a touch up session during the reception. If you only have the mental space to put one thing on your last minute checklist, make it this the one.

9. Save the bouquets

I have worked with some incredible florists who plan everything down to the last ribbon curl.

However, not all florists are created equal. You have no doubt spent an eye watering amount of money on your flowers. By packing vases for them you 1) make sure they don’t wilt and 2) save them from being crushed.

Little things like this on your checklist give you one less thing to think about.

Little things like this on your checklist give you one less thing to think about.

10. Remember things people are too embarrassed to talk about

Your last minute wedding checklist MUST include worst-case-scenario items.

Cute umbrellas account for the weather, and plasters cover blisters.

But what contingency plans have you got if someone has an upset stomach? Periods, bloating, gas, diarrhoea, nausea, bad breath headaches: anything could happen under this much stress!

Pack an emergency kit for embarrassing scenarios. Then pray that you won’t need it on the day.

11. Make little moments

Someone has probably already told you to savour every moment. This is true. If one thing is certain, your wedding will be over before you have a chance to blink.

The best way to savour these little moments is to schedule a few in. Put a surprise for your partner on your wedding packing list!

Does he have a favourite drink you could bring instead of champagne?

Could you write him a letter?

Do you have a musically talented friend you could commission to write a song about the two of you?

There are so many ways you can surprise your groom on the day! Put aside as much time as possible to share these special moments with your partner. Everyone else can wait.

Now that you have your list of things you’ll probably forget, go have fun! You’ve totally got this.

Do you need to add any of these things to your last minute wedding checklist? Share this post to save another bride you know!

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