Hi there! My name is Michelle and I am the owner of Baby’s Breath Bridesmaids (aka BBB). I would like to share with you a little bit about us: why Baby’s Breath was set up, how we can help you and our mission to you.

Why we're here

Do you find it stressful trying to find the right bridesmaid dress that fits a dozen criteria in the middle of planning your wedding? Is it a mission to get your girls to agree on the same dress style and colour scheme? Do you worry about the additional costs for customs clearance when you shop online? Do your girls want to wear the dresses again after the wedding?

I have been a bridesmaid 6 times and a bride, I have been there and gone through all of the above. I know exactly how you feel at this moment in time!

All 6 of my bridesmaid dresses are still sitting in the closet collecting dust and I couldn’t bring myself to sell them as they cost so much and were gifts from the brides.

Hence why BBB is born – to provide you a hassle-free and enjoyable experience in finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses online.

Baby’s Breath vision is to be THE bridesmaid dress specialist. When you think of bridesmaids, you think of Baby’s Breath.

How we can help you

BBB is an Auckland based online business that specialises in providing beautiful good quality yet affordable bridesmaid dresses to everyone.

I hand pick all the dresses and am involved throughout the entire dress making process. This includes from choosing designs that flatter most body types and are versatile at their finest, choosing the right fabric to make the dresses so that they are comfortable to wear on the wedding day, to quality checking them before they are sent out to you!

The best part is that your girls won’t need to hide them in the closet and could wear them again whether it is to another wedding, or a party, or mix them up a lil to suit any occasion!

BBB also offers thoughtfully curated gift boxes. Each item plays an essential role in making the theme of a box shine. They are also carefully selected based on quality.

What we do

Our mission is to be the place for everything bridesmaid. We strive to deliver good quality bridesmaid dresses and thoughtfully curated gift boxes to your door step. Plus most importantly, provide you with excellent service.

We are Auckland based, with customers from all over New Zealand, Australia and the USA. Send us an email or give us a ring to find your perfect bridesmaid dresses online hassle-free.

Michelle XOXO