Smart hacks for re-wearing your bridesmaid dress again and again

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How to rewear your bridesmaid dress to another event

You friend asks you to be a bridesmaid. You are so excited!

And then the dread sets in.

You know that the first item on the agenda will be to buy an expensive dress that you will never wear again.

But not this time! Baby’s Breath Bridesmaids has got you covered. We’ve got 7 super smart hacks to make sure you can get the most wear out of your dress.

Hack # 1 for rewearing bridesmaid dresses: Look ahead

The easiest way to rewear a dress? Plan ahead! You need to make the conscious decision to wear your bridesmaid dress again.

If you know that you want to wear it a second time, you will choose more carefully. You will think about what shape suits you, offer useful suggestions to the bride, and buy something that you are in love with.

Hack # 2 for rewearing bridesmaid dresses: Go mismatched

One of the easiest ways to get a longer wear is to go for the mismatched bridesmaid dress style. 

This trend is an incredible way to save money on bridesmaid dresses. By letting the bridesmaids choose their own dresses, you have the best chance of rewearing it because you know that they already love it.

You are 1000% more likely to wear something that was handpicked for your body type. There is NOTHING worse than being forced into a dress that makes you feel like a frumpy mess!

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Hack # 3 for rewearing bridesmaid dresses: Buy quality

There are a million expenses when it comes to being a bridesmaid. It can be tempting to try and save money on the dress when you can. However, if you want to rewear your dress to another event, you need to buy quality.

If you are willing to put in a bit of extra cash initially, the dress becomes an investment in your wardrobe rather than a single day.

Hack # 4 for rewearing bridesmaid dresses: Look after it on the day

Fake Tan. Make up. Champagne. Walking to take photos. Tears. Dancing. Big stompy shoes.

Weddings are a combination of everything that can possibly go wrong for a formal gown.

This is a simple hack: if you want to rewear it, TAKE CARE OF IT. It’s not just one day anymore.

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Hack # 5 for rewearing bridesmaid dresses: Go for neutral or classic colours

We know that neutral colours will always, ALWAYS be in style. What did all the fashionistas say? Black is the new black? Neutral or die?

Of course this will ultimately be up to the bride. However if she let’s you go mismatched, you could go for neutrals like beige or blush. Otherwise, you could go for classic, timeless colours like dark red or dark blue that will always be in fashion.

Looking for neutrals? You will love the softer tones of our Hampton Dress range. Need to go brighter? The Evelyn Dress range has got you covered!

Baby's Breath wrap dresses range in different colours

Hack # 6 for rewearing bridesmaid dresses: Show your knees

Unless you have a particular affinity for flair, there aren’t many chances to wear full length formal dresses. If it is possible, opt for a shorter dress.

A classic cocktail-style dress (like our Anya Satin Wrap Dress) is perfect for attending weddings, date nights, family Christmas, baby showers… shall I go on?

Bridesmaid dresses are the perfect combination of elegant and floaty, which make them perfect to rewear for special occasions.

Hack # 7 for rewearing bridesmaid dresses: Change it up

You know that little black dress you have as a backup for EVERYTHING? You know how you mix it up for each event so that people don’t notice you are re-wearing it?

Same deal with rewearing your bridesmaid dress.

The same dress can be worn with an infinite number of hairstyles. A metallic belt will change it from soft and whimsical to sleek and stylish. What winter jackets and soft chunky knit sweaters have you got in the same colour palette?

You can dress it up, dress it down, or even just change it in to a skirt (we skipped that step and just started stocking bridesmaid skirts– love!).

Bridesmaid dresses don’t have to be an expensive, one-day affair. With these smart hacks, you can wear your bridesmaid dress again and again (and look awesome every single time!).

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