The Elegant Infinity Dress; A Versatile Choice for Bridesmaids

For comfort, style, and versatility, the infinity dress is an ideal choice for bridesmaids.

You’ve got three bridesmaids, they are all very different women in terms of style and body shape, and you have a smallish budget for your attendant’s outfits. Is there an easy choice that solves all your problems?


The infinity dress.

What Is the Infinity Dress

This is a long gown that can be adapted into an array of different style of dresses. While it’s not truly an ‘infinity’ of styles, it’s about 30, which is still a lot.

It was originally designed by a Puerto Rican woman, Lydia Mercedes Silvestry. She was a fashion editor living in London who needed to dress professionally at an interview but then attend a gala or ball. So she designed a dress that converted. Many people admired her dress and asked for one for themselves, and so the ‘Infinite’ dress was born.

Why is the Infinity Dress Fantastic for Bridesmaids?

Over the past decade, the number of bridesmaids wearing an infinity dress has increased. This is for a variety of reasons:

  • It always fits well, and there are two sizes to choose from, making ordering a breeze
  • Versatility
  • Flattering styles
  • Easy to change styles (they could even change styles from the marriage ceremony to the reception)
  • Packs easily and doesn’t need ironing, making it perfect for travel/ destination weddings
  • Machine washable
  • A wide variety of colours to suit the theme

But perhaps the biggest advantage is that each bridesmaid makes her own choice, feels comfortable in the dress, and it respects her style – while still providing uniformity to your bridal party.

The Secrets of an Infinity Dress

The construction of the infinity dress is simple. The skirt is full, with two long rectangles of fabric sewn into the elasticated waistband at the front. But this is where the simplicity ends.

The fabric is so important to the successful use. It is usually a stretchy jersey knit. It has to be thick enough to drape beautifully, but not bunch in unnatural or uncomfortable ways. It has to be sleek but not so slippery it doesn’t fasten. A lot of cheap dresses use thin fabric that are very unforgiving of every underwear line, nipple cover, or skin bump.

The secret to a beautiful and functional infinity dress is quality fabric.

The Problems with an Infinity Dress

Like any design, it can have problems. But there are all easily overcome.

  • The material, unless chosen wisely, can look cheap. It results in skin-hugging fabric in ways that leave little to the imagination. If you choose an infinity dress, make sure you choose a quality brand and fabric that doesn’t cling in unfortunate ways. Our Cassandra infinity dress has a beautiful lace overlay on the skirt that adds texture, style, and smooths out any lines or bumps.
  • The wrong fabric or colour can show sweat. On hot days, or for those who sweat a bit, this can be uncomfortable. Choose a darker colour so you don’t have to worry about it- people sweat, you can’t stop that, so it’s better to manage that by buying an appropriate colour dress that doesn’t show it.
  • The dresses may move or not quite stay in place. Lots of safety pins and boob tape are a cheap and easy fix for this. Long swathes of fabric will move and they need to be managed accordingly.
  • Because this dress is two sizes fit all, they may be too long for those who are vertically challenged. Also, the waist may be too big for those who are quite petite. These problems are easily resolved with a bit of tailoring though.
  • There is no boob support, and larger- busted women may struggle with the width of the straps. This is where a bandeau may be able to help, or opting for a style that has more coverage.

Strapless bras are uncomfortable and often result in lumps, but this a problem you’ll encounter with almost any gown with less coverage. Some women absolutely won’t care and will look phenomenal, but some people may not be comfortable.

Adding an extra piece of fabric to the width of the ties can help to provide more coverage to cover side-boob.

Still Not Sure About an Infinity Dress?

If you’re still not sure, check out our guide so you can see how they can be tied. Our advice is to try on well before the wedding, and try a few different styles, with and without the bandeau. Wear suitable underwear, usually a flesh-coloured ‘Spanx’ type is best to avoid visible underwear lines.

This also gives you an idea of the look so each bridal party attendant can think about the hair style to match, or the best style of shoes to wear.

We supply a bandeau in the same fabric which is great for those who want a bit more security or coverage without interfering with the design of the style they choose.

We can also supply a dress for you to trial in the comfort of your home. Our Evelyn Infinity Dress (which comes in 12 colours) can be shipped to your address in NZ so you can see if it works for you.

With time, space, and some clever pinning, you’ll find a design that works for everyone, looks great, and is economical.

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