Baby’s Breath Bridesmaids (“BBB”) offers a free service that involves sending a sample box to your doorstep. BBB only asks a fee to cover the shipping cost, $25 for North Island customers and $35 for South Island customers. Fee includes a return courier ticket with NZ Post. You can book a pickup through NZ Post website ( or drop off at your local PostShop. We encourage you to ensure the pickup location is secure as all returned parcels remain the responsibility of you the sender until received by Baby’s Breath Bridesmaids.

We treasure our sample dresses very much, so we trust you to treat them with care. Samples must be free of makeup, pet hair, scent, deodorant, floor debris, and stains. If returned in poor condition or damaged, full retail price of the dresses(s) will be charged.

Samples must be returned in original condition 5 business days after arrival to avoid late fees. We do not count public holidays or weekends; those are bonus days for trying on! Late fee is defined as $20 per day.  If for some reason you cannot return your sample dresses after the 5-day period, please let us know immediately to request an extension. Confirmation of the extension must be in writing. BBB reserves the right to refuse an extension.

If we don’t hear from you or there is no extension granted and our dresses have not been returned, we reserve the right to charge the full retail value associated with the content of your box after 14 days from the arrival date to your delivery address.

By selecting, the tick box which defines that you have read and agree to the Try at Home Policy , you agree to our policy and we reserve the right to charge the fees stated previously.