Co-ordinates, Coords and Two Piece Outfits – Modern Twist to Old Fashioned Gowns

Are you a bridesmaid who loves to keep up with the latest fashion trends? Do you want to ditch the traditional gowns and go for some modern and contemporary outfit? Presenting to you the hottest emerging trend this season – Co-ords, coordinate sets or separates.

Different names, but the same amazing panache!

Separates or two-piece outfits, as they call it, have taken over the fashion industry. Be it casual wear, formal suits or even athleisure- they are just everywhere. Co-ords are basically a pair of top and bottoms (either skirt or pants) that are “matchy –matchy”. Either they are of the same colour, print or have some detail that shows that the pieces go together.

Celebrities Obsessing Over Co-Ord Dresses

Be it red carpets, promotional events or airport looks, celebrities have been rocking this style and taking it everywhere.

Quantico famed Priyanka Chopra donned a white satin robe and pant set at the Pre-Grammy Party,2018. Supermodel Emily Ratajkowiski got married in a mustard Zara pantsuit at the city hall.

No one does ‘separates’ better than the Kardashians. Eldest sister, Kourtney Kardashian was spotted in a blue co-ord trouser pants and cropped top on her holiday in Italy. Kylie Jenner’s Instagram is full of her photos in matching tracksuits.

Love them, hate them but girl, you definitely cannot escape them!

Separates – Sweeping the Bridal Industry!

What’s interesting is that separates have become a popular choice for brides as well as bridesmaid. They are no more like the old fashion corset and puffed fluffy skirts.

Latest designs are modern, fun and chic.

Two-piece outfits allow you to choose a different size for the top and bottom. This way you can choose an outfit that highlights your curve. You can decide whether you wish to opt for a loose or a tight fit depending on your body type.

In our experience, we have often noticed that the bride wanted to make her bridesmaid feel special and exquisite. Are you the bride looking for a versatile outfit that suits your bridesmaid and goes with the theme of the wedding as well?

Separates is a perfect choice in such a situation!

Make one piece of the outfit common for all and let them choose the other. You could say, select the skirt and let your friends play around with different styles of top. This way the dresses can be similar and still give your friends the option to incorporate their personal styles.

Do you want to gift your bridesmaids a dress that she can wear in your wedding and later, to the evening parties? What better than a two piece dress?

The best part about separates is that they can be worn individually.

Pair your top with a jeans and jacket for a fun night out or wear the skirt with a different top to a black-tie event. We are sure you will be the talk of the town!

It’s like having three outfits at the price of one. Isn’t that a dream come true?

Every girl wants to be the best bridesmaid for their friends.
But choose this trend and become the best bride (friend) for your bridesmaid! Check our wide collection of separates to surprise your gang.

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